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Our personal trainers are fully qualified with years of experience in weight loss, strength and muscle gain, and improving overal performance. Get fit at the gym or our trainers can come to a location near you 

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Personal Training
Personal Training Start up Pack.

PT Kick-starter 3 x personal training sessions for Only $99
 Benefits of working with a Personal Trainer
  • Goal Achievement
  • Personalised Workouts
  • Individule Instruction and support
  • Motivation
  • Free Access to our group classes
  • Accountability
  • Efficiency

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Small Group Personal Training
Eager to try personal training sessions,but it may be beyond your budget? Then semi private personal training essions are for you.
Benefits of small group Training
  • For those who like workingout in a small groups
  • Personal training for less
  • You will more likely stick to a routine with a friend
  • Free unlimited access to our group classes
  • Get extra encouragement and support
  • Develop proper technique for better results
Research has shown that, compared to one on one training, individuals that participate in small group training see better results!

He has gained a reputation for his approach to boxing for fitness and functional fitness training and weight loss.
Jamie Established PTWF in 2009.

  • Certificate III - Gym Instruction 
  • Certificate III – Group Exercise 
  • Certificate IV - Personal Training 
  • Thump Boxing Master Trainer
  • Level 3 - Pro Fit Boxing Trainer 
  • Muhammad Ali Boxing Trainer 
  • Boxercise (UK) Trainer 
  • Level 1 Kettle Bell Trainer
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • HIRT Trainer (High Intensity Resitance Training)
  • 10 years experience
  • 18 years martial-arts 
  • Senior First Aid/CPR
  • Registered Fitness Austailia Trainer

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Jean Alvisse

  • Certificate III - Gym Instruction 
  • Certificate III – Group Exercise 
  • Certificate IV - Personal Training 
  • Specialties:Brazillian Jujitsu,Submission Grappling
  • Self defense for women
  • Fat loss, Strength and conditioning
  • KettleBells
  • High Intensity Interval Training,
  • Boxing
  • 10 years experience
  • 12 years Brazillian Jujitsu 
  • Senior First Aid/CPR
  • Registered Nurse
  • Registered Fitness Austailia Trainer

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