Group Fitness and Cardio  Boxing Classes at PTWORKS FITNESS
THUMP BOXING is a fantastic way to get in shape. Not only does it get your heart rate up, boxing also challenges the muscular system in a functional manner. Box for weight loss, muscle toning or stress relief. Boxing also helps to build muscle strength, endurance and increase cardiovascular fitness, along with high levels of co-ordination, balance and reflexes. This form of exercise uses just about every muscle in the body; the more muscles you use, the more calories you burn and the better results you get!
Class Times: Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday 6.30pm Thursday WOD Training (workout of the day) 6.30pm Saturday 9.15am
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  • Boxing Fitness classes Work the whole body,
  • Cardio fitness,Muscular endurance,Muscular Strength,Stamina,Co-ordination and power.
  • Burn Around 500-800 calories per session
  • Is it safe? Yes
  • Will I increase my fitness? Yes
  • Will I have Fun? Yes
  • Will I get fit and lose weight? Yes
  • Will I get hurt? No
  • Do I need my own my own equipment?
  • We provide gloves pads and inners for you too 

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