About Us
PTWORKS FITNESS established itself in 2008. Our aim is to be 100% in helping people achieve real results.
Our team of personal trainers will help make your experience a positive one with through one on one, semi-private and
group training,
We are fully equipped gym with cardio machines, free weights, and more, offering one on one personal and small group fitness training and classes.
We treat you as a person you and not just a number - so there is no risk in starting your personal fitness training plan with us. 
Our vision is to help you set your personal health and fitness goals and stay on track with your exercise and plan.
We put the Personal in Personal Fitness Training.

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Benefits of working with a Personal Trainer
  • Goal Achievement
  • Personalised Workout
  • Instruction and support
  • Motivation
  • Free Access to our group classes
  • Accountability
  • Efficiency
  • Nutrition for weight loss                                                 
  • Services:
  • One-on-one, couples and small group semi private  
  • Group Fitness Classes included with all PT packs: 
  • Fitness Boxing, Functional Fitness and Strength training,Kettlebell Training.Crossfit,Circuits,
  • TRX Suspension workouts Core workouts.  
  • Our aim is to help you improve your aerobic capacity, build strength, help you with your diet and weight loss goals and also motivate you to achieve awesome results.                  

Group Fitness Boxing Classes
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This form of exercise uses just about every muscle in the body and the more muscles you use, the more calories you burn and the better results you get! Boxing fitness training such as heavy bags, jump ropes and hook and jab pads provide a fun, interesting and challenging workout that can increase many aspects of your fitness and positively affect your health. 
It's also a  good outlet for stress. Exercise triggers the release of feel-good hormones called endorphins, which leave you feeling happy, confident and less stressed.The health benefits of boxing for the cardiovascular system include reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, reduced blood pressure and reduced risk of stroke.


  • Good variety of boxing routines and great for both fitness and strength. I can certainly feel it after a session!
        *Chriss Bennett (Banking)
  • Jamie's personal training is the best in the game. He has an in-depth knowledge with regards fitness and diet. He is an expert on the pads which provides the best workouts and results. He constantly varies his workouts to maintain interest and provide fresh challenges. 
  • Jamie takes time to understand his client’s goals and fitness levels and sets his workouts to achieve the results required without risking potential injury. 
        * Terry Cargile (project manager)
  • Great value for money and a fun approach to fitness. Jamie's expertise in boxing as well as personal training is an explosive combination to help you reach your fitness goals.
        *Dinesh Patel (IT)
  • PTWorks Fitness has a great vibe and is not pretentious at all. Everyone is really friendly and you are guaranteed to get a different workout every time you go. I've built so much muscle from the boxing and training and my fitness level is continuously improving. Great value for money and many sessions to pick from per week.
        *Alexia Stav (Banking)
  • Thump boxing at PTWORKS FITNESS is motivating and fun. Jamie makes sure that the class works well for the people who are there at each session. This means that every time you turn up it is different form the time before. This definitely helps with motivation. The atmosphere is casual, friendly and encouraging. Jamie will spend time with you to help improve your boxing technique or to get you through a particularly hard exercise. After years of other exercise I can feel a definite improvement in my fitness since signing up at
        *Sam English (Teacher)
  • Absolutely loving the boxing sessions! Jamie ensures that the classes are varied and keeps you motivated and most of all makes it's very enjoyable too 
       *Darren Watt (IT)
  • Training with Jamie has been fantastic. The various sessions makes you look forward to training every day. I highly recommend joining. I look forward to returning soon.
        *Nandina Bross (Mum)
  • Really good one on one sessions tailored for my needs. The owner is a good guy who is flexible from week to week which is important for me as work travel can affect my availability. The sessions are varied and do not get boring as there are plenty of workout options
        *Tom Mazzafero (Banking)
  • No time wasting here, it's just pure hard workout! Small groups of really nice people and super dedicated staff. 10cm lost around my waist in under 3 months. Woohoo! 
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